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Our mission is to meet ​people at their point of ​need.

SUNJAM offers a comprehensive array of services ​tailored to support individuals in their personal and ​professional settings. Central to our mission is ​meeting people at their point of need, whether it ​involves enhancing mental health at home to ​promote better well-being and family harmony, or ​providing solutions to employers aimed at addressing ​workplace mental health issues that affect employee ​productivity. Additionally, we extend resources and ​support for commercial housing initiatives designed ​to create environments conducive to health and well-​being. Our services are dedicated to the holistic ​betterment of individuals, families, and communities, ​equipping people with the necessary resources and ​support to excel in both their personal and ​professional endeavors.


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Mental Health Therapy

We offer comprehensive mental health services by ​licensed professionals, including individual, family, ​and group therapy, both in-person and via ​telehealth. Our services extend to life mentorship, ​coaching, and crisis management. For employers, ​we provide targeted solutions to enhance ​workplace mental health, including employee ​assistance programs and wellness workshops, ​fostering a productive work environment.

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Commercial Housing + Resources

SUNJAM provides resources and support for ​commercial housing initiatives, aimed at creating ​environments that promote health and well-being. ​This complements our mission by ensuring that the ​spaces where people live and work are conducive ​to mental and physical wellness.

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Philanthropic Arm of SUNJAM

Our charitable not-for-profit efforts are directed ​towards (1) children impacted by their parent(s) ​incarceration requiring advocacy and systemic ​support, and (2) communities in pursuit of artistic-​cultural vitality and educational advancement.



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